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Pareto principle

Mathematically, where something is shared among a sufficiently large set of participants, there must be a number k between 50 and 100 such that "k% is taken by (100 − k)% of the participants. The number k may vary from 50 (in the case of equal distribution, i.e. 100% of the population have equal shares) to nearly 100 (when a tiny number of participants account for almost all of the resource). There is nothing special about the number 80% mathematically, but many real systems have k somewhere around this region of intermediate imbalance in distribution.


Generating xml from text file

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Moodle 1.9 Course completion not present

Hi, I have gone through one of the requirement stating that in


What's new in Drupal 7 in Brief

With Drupal 7 Following new things were added in brief : 1.New Themes- Bartik,Seven,Stark2.Revamped Admin Interface3.Improved Theming Layer- Inclusion of html.tpl.php and block specified classes with proper naming for every theme. 4.jQuery Updates- Jquery used is 1.4.4 faster and Jquery UI 1.8 added. 5.Ships with CCK- CCK package is included in Drupal core. 6.RDF Support-Technology that is used to implement the semantic web on drupal sites called RDF. With these features drupal 7 has left drupal 6 far away in terms of html5 standards and other accessibility issues.



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