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52 Changes in Drupal 7 Theme structure

1. more Meaning full IDS are used.
example :
Recent blog posts
Old CSS ID (Drupal 6): block-blog-0
New CSS ID (Drupal 7): block-blog-recent

similarly for following,
Book navigation
Old CSS ID (Drupal 6): book = navigation
Recent comments
Active forum topics
New forum topics
Language switcher
Most recent poll
Author information
Search form :
Popular content :block-statistics-popular
Powered by Drupal :block-system-powered-by
User login : block-user-login
Navigation : block-system-navigation
Who's new : block-user-new
Who's online : block-user-online

Creating your Drupal site mobile compatible

First thing you should do is to install few addons to the Firefox browser which are as follows :
A. User Agent Switcher
B. Modify Headers

Now, we need to add a x-wap-profile HTTP Header. Most intelligent mobile Web sites look for this header to identify a mobile device. To my knowledge, only the iPhone doesn’t pass this HTTP Header. You can search around the Web to find UA Profile URLs (type “UAProf URL List” into a search engine).

Here’s the UA Profile URL for Nokia’s X6:


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