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Moodle 1.9 Course completion not present

Hi, I have gone through one of the requirement stating that in

moodle 1.9

the mail should be sent after completion of course. I tried to dig the configurations of the moodle 1.9 alot and found out that there is no such thing exists in moodle 1.9.. :P. Perhaps, there was another option of setting the course duration for every user and It really came in handy for solving this issue. I have tried to check what are changes happening in the Database while creating the course in moodle 1.9. I observed following : 1. While creation of the course we have to specify the course start date and course end date in order to send the notification. I found one strange thing suppose we are setting the course start date as 15 Sep. then in the database its actually inserting the value 14 Sep in terms of timestamp. That was most weird thing the start date was reduced by 1 day completely. Second strange thing I found about the moodle 1.9 was, when we create course and set the course duration as unlimited the value in the database inserted as enrolperiod - 0. Well, it was fine till I found that while notifying student / teacher on specified threshold date there was check done for the enrolperiod > 0 which was not allowing any data to be fetched if the course duration is UNLIMITED, which was in turn affecting the whole NOTIFY student and teacher workflow. These were few bugs which we found while testing the moodle 1.9 and in moodle 2.0 these seem to be resolved by adding separate

Course Completion status

and many more things similar to the same. So if you are unable to get mail or unable to get any notification from moodle just take care of these things and I would recommend to upgrade the moodle for higher versions. :) Good Luck Moodlars...