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Multilingual site Drupal Tutorial 10 steps

1. Download and install Drupal.
2. Enable the Locale module
3. Download the module i18 ie. internationalization module and enable all its sub modules for translation.
4. Download the Translations from the link and extract those in the drupal home folder. You can use following video for the reference link ie.
5. Go to content type that you want to translate and select
Enabled, with translation the workflow settings. Also
select the fields which you need to translate like body, title
6. Add the language through admin/settings/language link.
Add the language pack the import of the same will be done once
you hit the add language button. You can add as many languages
as you want provided that you have added the translations for
the same in the drupal core folder.
7. Then in the same page there is link Configure from this
section select the radio button Path prefix only and make sure
that english is the default language selected.
8. go to admin/build/block and add the language switcher block.
Note: language switcher block will appear only when you have
enabled 2 or languages than english.
9. Now go to create content and create some content that you want
to translate and which is enabled with translation. Select
the default language as English for first content creation and
save the page.
10.Choose the Translate link and add the translation that you
would like to add for the selected language.