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15 Excellent Drupal Themes for Different purpose

There is always confusion for selecting the theme according to requirements while creating any drupal site. Obviously, the theme selection depends on the region and blocks present in the sample html or psd which we have available. But not only these are the important aspects. There are lot more things nowadays which we have to consider while creating any Drupal theme. Even if its from scratch or if we take any theme directly from

Following are few suggestions for different puroposes of themes :


Drupal Commons Community Installation and features

Installation :

Special part of installation of the Drupal commons involves increasing the following parameters in the PHP.

Maximum Execution time : 300

Maximum Input time : 240

Drupal commons won't install if above changes are not done.

Features :

Drupal commons is drupal with all the community features added in one single package.
It has lot of featured modules present for community website and community application.

Features tab : contains group of collective modules which we can use for different purposes



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