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Developing First Drupal 8 module

As Drupal 8 is coming in few days, its time to start developing modules in Drupal 8 for better support in future. I have ported my module to Drupal 8 recently. There is bit learning curve present in every drupal version. Things become better and better in next version, same is the case with Drupal 8 about improvement but for sure that its not alike D5, D6, D7. All previous versions were not using object oriented approach but more procedure oriented. Hooks were key concepts for any custom module development, but in D8 its not the case.

Drupal PHP Code review and beautification made easy


It has been long time I invested time for automated code reviews. In Drupal 7 and previous versions there were few useful debug tools and modules such as coder module for same purpose. Coder with Krumo was very useful debug tool and could give you overview of issues present under the module you just custom developed. It used Drupal version's coding standards for showing minor, major errors in your code.

My first release on morse code converter

It has been long waiting for me to have my first release of drupal module.
It was my simple but unique thought to create one Drupal module which converts the simple alphabets into morse code.
Morse code is code of dots (.) and dashes (-).
All alphabets and numerics can be represented in terms of dots and dashes in this code.
Each word is converted into dots and dashes and then sent over the transmission.
This is considered world's simplest way of transmitting the code over the channel.


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