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My first release on morse code converter

It has been long waiting for me to have my first release of drupal module.
It was my simple but unique thought to create one Drupal module which converts the simple alphabets into morse code.
Morse code is code of dots (.) and dashes (-).
All alphabets and numerics can be represented in terms of dots and dashes in this code.
Each word is converted into dots and dashes and then sent over the transmission.
This is considered world's simplest way of transmitting the code over the channel.
The usage of actual morse code happened in world wars when all other communications were shutdown.
This was the way of armed forces of different countries can send messages in secured manner.
Morse as a word is not so famous nowadays, but yet it is useful for simple encrypted messages to send those
even in very units.
I have been waiting for the approval of the same in the review of projects in project queue.
All Drupal members who helped me to identify the module issues were with very clear understanding of module development. I would like to thank them for taking their precious time and reviewing, installing and understanding
the module. It was good experience about patience and happiness after the same.
Finally about my module ie. morse code converter following is the link where you can find the morse code converter.
As of now I have provided basic functionality of the same in drupal 6. I will be relasing its drupal 7 version soon.
Try to download the same from
Let me know if you have any issues or queries through my contact form.
Hope you enjoy the module working and use it at appropriate place.
Cheers !!!! :)