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fastboot.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command ( Unlocking your sony Android Devices )

Hi Friends,

Disclaimer : Are you sure you want to unlock your bootloader of sony xperia ( I have tried xperia Ray) ?
Then please go ahead and follow the procedure :
It works and works well with the help of

Pre-requisites : Android SDK, PC/Lappy (of course), Nice internet connection, Xperia phone you wish to unlock.
To save your time download android SDK and configure it according to information provided on before you actually start the unlocking procedure.
Download latest Android SDK

Make sure you take COMPLETE* backup of your phone.

* COMPLETE backup includes memory card, contacts, messages, calenders etc.
Memory card backup : is piece of cake Just connect your sony xperia with the computer and connect in mass memory mode connection. Copy all contents of your card and paste it safely on your computer.

Phone backup: This is crucial to keep your contacts, apps, messages, calender entries intact in the new system. To do this you can use one nice and free tool called SUPERBACKUP. It is free for individual use with some limitations which we don't have to bother. If you still wish to buy it you can buy its premium version which is very useful as well.

Make sure you have taken backup as explained above and once you are confirmed only then you can proceed with the unlocking procedure as given on

You may get stuck at step 14 in the above link : The path provided in step 14 is bit different in new Android SDK for the fastboot.exe. In new Android sdk when you go to path provided under step 14 you will get following error :
fastboot.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command

In the new Android SDK fastboot.exe has been moved to different location.
Its not presend under tools folder but its present under Android SDK > bin folder. Where you can find the same fastboot.exe and using command you need to go till this path.
Then you can proceed with step 14 onwards given in the sonymobile instruction page.
It took almost 4-6 hours for me to get this and I downloaded even previous SDK's after googling alot but solution was within the same.

To know your fastboot options for your device use following link :

Make sure your device is loaded with fastboot option,.
By default device (RAY) shows GREEN light on its buttons on normal start/boot
but when your device is connected to pc and booted with fastboot keys it shows BLUE light.
This ensures that your phone is connected properly to unlock the bootloader/ in USB debugging mode.