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Installing Compass and Sass on OSX

It has been long time I have been playing with CSS but never used beautiful tools like Compass and SASS.
Well to know about them more you need to visit : for COMPASS
and for SASS.

To install it and get it running on OSX was bit clumsy.. :S.
Ideally it should be just simple installer sort of .dmg and double click... but in real scenario its not.. :(

First thing you need to check is your Ruby version shipped with OSX.
I was using maverick with Ruby version 1.8 pre-installed on it.
To install sass and compass gems it is required to have ruby 2.0 or higher else you will get errors.
Make sure you check ruby version using :
ruby --version
#it should say ruby.2.x.x......

To update ruby you need to install homebrew with following command:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Once you install homebrew make sure you check your openssl number:
/usr/bin/openssl version - it should be 1.x or higher..

If it isn't it will show us following error :

Failed reading certificates path for '/usr/local/opt/openssl/bin/openssl' with return code: ().
RVM autolibs is now configured with mode '2' => 'check and stop if missing',
please run `rvm autolibs enable` to let RVM do its job or run and read `rvm autolibs [help]`
or visit for more information.
Requirements installation failed with status: 133.

In case if you run into this issue use following commands :
brew reinstall openssl
brew link --force openssl
and check again
/usr/local/bin/openssl version

Once you get proper openssl version you can install the rvm for maintaining ruby version / update ruby.
\curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby

Check the ruby version now and if its 2.x.. go ahead and install sass and compass :
gem update --system
gem install sass
gem install compass