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Installing Drupal and CiviCRM with tarball

Hi We will see today how to install Drupal and CiviCRM : 1. Installing Drupal - a. Create the database using phpmyadmin ( give access for everything ) b. Download the Drupal tar / zip file from c. Extract the same in the htdocs (windows) or public_html(linux) folder. d. Rename the extracted folder to desired name like demo e. In the demo folder go to directory demo/sites/default folder and create copy of default.settings.php to settings.php f. Once this is done. hit the url to http://localhost/demo or http://your_ip_address/demo g. you will find the screen asking you to install drupal in English or in multiple languages. select english for now. h. Next screen will ask you for the Database credentials for your drupal database that you have created in step (a). Put the db name and username,password. i. Drupal will install automatically with asking you the site name in the next screen. put your email_id, username ( first user of the website ie. superadmin with user_id = 1 ). j. finally when you hit the submit button you will recieve an email if mailing client is working properly on your system. :) Now we will see how to install the CiviCRM on the Drupal : a. Download the civicrm package from b. Once its downloaded create the folder sites/all/modules in the drupal directory and put the civicrm extracted folder in the same. c. Visit the url : http://localhost/demo/sites/all/modules/civicrm/install. d. Once you hit this url the installer will ask you the drupal db and civicrm credentials for the same, enter all the details for both the databases. e. click on check system requirements and install when all screen will show green signal install civiCRM. f. visit the site. localhost/demo it will show the civicrm on the navigation menu on left sidebar. Yupppiieee finally civicrm got installed :D