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SOAP and WSDL in PHP Best tutorial on zend framework

Hi Guys,

We have very rare documentation provided with about the SOAP.
I would like to provide some more useful links which are awesome to follow for starting point.
I was stuck badly from almost 3 days and it helped me alot for understanding of SOAP with WSDL.
For understanding WSDL and SOAP.

AND ( Very much helpful )

AND last but most worth as starting point
From above zend link use as told by jimmyzimmerman ie.

we require only 3 files from zend example: stockquote.wsdl, server1.php, and client3.php. Place those files in a directory that is accessible via http and modify the stockquote.wsdl file, replacing http://[insert real path here]/server1.php with the path to your server1.php file.

Thanks alot jimmyzimmerman,
Saved my lot of work.
Hope this will reduce the work for other developers.