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UnsatisfiedLinkError no swt-win32-3236 in java.library.path easy eclipse

Well all PHP folks who use any IDE must have came across very handy and useful IDE called easy eclipse.
But on Windows 7 I found an error while starting easy eclipse.
An unexpected error occurred please check log file
C:\Users\[windows username]\workspace\.metadata\.log

When I checked log file there was huge error stack of which only 1 line was useful :P

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-win32-3236 in java.library.path

I checked first my jdk installation and it was missing :D..
still it didn't worked after jdk installation... :S
As usual I came up to google and found the solution.. ta..daa...

We need to find and right click on the easyeclipse.exe > properties > compatibility > run as administrator...
Now just try to start easy eclipse it will work like charm.. :D

Hope it will save you time... :)