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Drupal Commons Community Installation and features

Installation :

Special part of installation of the Drupal commons involves increasing the following parameters in the PHP.

Maximum Execution time : 300

Maximum Input time : 240

Drupal commons won't install if above changes are not done.

Features :

Drupal commons is drupal with all the community features added in one single package.
It has lot of featured modules present for community website and community application.

Features tab : contains group of collective modules which we can use for different purposes


Drupal Multisite Setup

Debian (Ubuntu)

1. Configure Apache2 for Sites :

Before you jump to configure your virtual hosts do not forget to add host names in /etc/hosts file.


2. Apache2 needs to be configured to support vhost access to your new sites.

Create vhost site configuration files in /etc/apache2/sites-available/

# Virtual hosting configuration for Drupal

ServerAdmin [your email address]

DocumentRoot /usr/share/drupal6/
ServerName [your vhost#1 name]

Multilingual site Drupal Tutorial 10 steps

1. Download and install Drupal.
2. Enable the Locale module
3. Download the module i18 ie. internationalization module and enable all its sub modules for translation.
4. Download the Translations from the link and extract those in the drupal home folder. You can use following video for the reference link ie.
5. Go to content type that you want to translate and select
Enabled, with translation the workflow settings. Also

52 Changes in Drupal 7 Theme structure

1. more Meaning full IDS are used.
example :
Recent blog posts
Old CSS ID (Drupal 6): block-blog-0
New CSS ID (Drupal 7): block-blog-recent

similarly for following,
Book navigation
Old CSS ID (Drupal 6): book = navigation
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