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What's new in Drupal 7 in Brief

With Drupal 7 Following new things were added in brief : 1.New Themes- Bartik,Seven,Stark2.Revamped Admin Interface3.Improved Theming Layer- Inclusion of html.tpl.php and block specified classes with proper naming for every theme. 4.jQuery Updates- Jquery used is 1.4.4 faster and Jquery UI 1.8 added. 5.Ships with CCK- CCK package is included in Drupal core. 6.RDF Support-Technology that is used to implement the semantic web on drupal sites called RDF. With these features drupal 7 has left drupal 6 far away in terms of html5 standards and other accessibility issues.


Installing Drupal and CiviCRM with tarball

Hi We will see today how to install Drupal and CiviCRM : 1. Installing Drupal - a. Create the database using phpmyadmin ( give access for everything ) b. Download the Drupal tar / zip file from c. Extract the same in the htdocs (windows) or public_html(linux) folder. d. Rename the extracted folder to desired name like demo e. In the demo folder go to directory demo/sites/default folder and create copy of default.settings.php to settings.php f. Once this is done.


Drupal 7 Theming Basics with the help of Lullabots

The Theming in Drupal 7 is almost similar to Drupal 6 with Some of the modifications in the file structures of theme and few other changes.

15 Excellent Drupal Themes for Different purpose

There is always confusion for selecting the theme according to requirements while creating any drupal site. Obviously, the theme selection depends on the region and blocks present in the sample html or psd which we have available. But not only these are the important aspects. There are lot more things nowadays which we have to consider while creating any Drupal theme. Even if its from scratch or if we take any theme directly from

Following are few suggestions for different puroposes of themes :



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