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fastboot.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command ( Unlocking your sony Android Devices )

Hi Friends,

Disclaimer : Are you sure you want to unlock your bootloader of sony xperia ( I have tried xperia Ray) ?
Then please go ahead and follow the procedure :
It works and works well with the help of

Installing Compass and Sass on OSX

Quick guide to show how to install Compass and Sass on OSX

UnsatisfiedLinkError no swt-win32-3236 in java.library.path easy eclipse

Well all PHP folks who use any IDE must have came across very handy and useful IDE called easy eclipse.
But on Windows 7 I found an error while starting easy eclipse.
An unexpected error occurred please check log file
C:\Users\[windows username]\workspace\.metadata\.log

When I checked log file there was huge error stack of which only 1 line was useful :P

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-win32-3236 in java.library.path

My first release on morse code converter

It has been long waiting for me to have my first release of drupal module.
It was my simple but unique thought to create one Drupal module which converts the simple alphabets into morse code.
Morse code is code of dots (.) and dashes (-).
All alphabets and numerics can be represented in terms of dots and dashes in this code.
Each word is converted into dots and dashes and then sent over the transmission.
This is considered world's simplest way of transmitting the code over the channel.


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